Portable surface roughness

Mitutoyo's SJ210 and SJ310 models are easy-to-use, portable and intuitive roughness testers that measure roughness and the SJ410 model can also analyze waviness profile.


Skidded systems

SJ-210: The portable solution for precise, effective and uncomplicated surface tests in your production environment. With a large, easily readable 2.4 "(6 cm) color graphic LCD display for clear display of measurement values.

SJ-310: Portable instrument for surface testing with touch control panel and built-in printer. For fast portable measurement in the production environment.

Skidless systems

SJ-410: You can use it portable or desktop. It has automatic compensation of the radius and inclination. In addition to roughness analyzes waviness profile.

LCD Color display with backlight, to display the roughness data easily

Can be connected to PC using SJ-Tools software

Visible front keyboard for direct access and additional keyboard under the sliding cover

High capacity fast charge battery. You can make approximately 1,000 measurements

Multiple interconnection options (RS-232-C output, Digimatic output, printer output and pedal connector). As standard a USB interface is incorporated

Password protection to give access to the different options. It will prevent operations from being carried out carelessly or without authorization

Advanced data storage capacity; Up to 10 measurement conditions and a roughness profile can be stored in the internal memory. An optional Micro SD memory card can be used as a memory extension to store a large number of conditions and measured profiles

The SJ210, SJ310 and SJ410 roughness testers meet the following standards: JIS, VDA, EN ISO, y ANSI.

Related Products and Services

With this system you can use different softwares depending on your needs and uses. We will always advise you about the most appropriate complement for your company if you wish. Do not hesitate to ask us.


Measurement of any type of machined part, both small and difficult to transport.




Custom solution

We accompany you throughout the life of the project: definition of the project, installation, training, programming, user support, software updates, technical assistance, calibration and maintenance.


We can offer you solutions to automate and integrate your surface roughness tester easily

Technical specifications

Skidded and skidless systems

With/without printer

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