3D measurement with laser scanner

The SurfaceMeasure probe generates a digital copy of your part at high speed.

Increase your productivity and digitize your processes using a single system.


Ideal 3D measurement solution with laser scanner: SURFACE MEASURE

Increasingly, industrial quality control requires universal applicability, versatility and automation from measuring technology. Demands are met successfully mainly by coordinate measuring machines (MMC) with its huge range of capabilities.

Laser scanner technology can be installed on new or existing three-dimensional machines, CRYSTA, STRATO and FALCIO series, thus increasing the productivity of the measurement process by acquiring more information in less time. With a high number of applications, it allows the fast acquisition of the complete information of the surface of the part (point cloud), to later compare it against the CAD and reverse engineer.


Compatible with PH10M / MQ and automatic autochangers

The intensity of the laser is adjusted automatically, as well as the sensitivity of the camera according to the characteristics of the part

Scan at high speed. Acquisition ratio up to 75.000 points per second

Spray-free measurements even for glossy surfaces or multiple colors

MSURF is Mitutoyo's software that uses high-density point cloud data acquired from the surface of the part to analyze it in different ways: verifying geometric characteristics, evaluating free forms surfaces and profile shapes, and verifying tolerances in comparison with CAD data.


You can measure any material, including machining, semi-finishing, stamping, forging, melting, painted metals, sand, carbon fiber, plastics, clay, rubber, wood and ceramics.

Technical specifications


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