Zardoya Otis

ZARDOYA OTIS has recently incorporated an automatic surface roughness tester for the verification of the surface status of the axes where the driving pulley of the lift operates on.

Tecnology: Mitutoyo SV-3100
Sector: Elevators


Based on a standard surface roughness tester of Mitutoyo SV-3100, Metrología Sariki, in collaboration with Betx Ingenieros of Elgoibar, has developed a “tailor-made” machine so as to comply the demanding requirements put forward by OTIS. Thus, the system allows to measure at any angular and linear positions of the axis, process the results in different safety parameters according to the criteria set out by OTIS, produce statistics, issue individual reports by parts and, even, self-compensate in order to ensure the precision of the system.

The roughness measurement in Zardoya Otis has traditionally been a task requiring a great effort as far as the need of operator and the time the operator is to be engaged in the activity are concerned, and the question is that roughness is one of the main safety features the axis is to comply with, essential component in the lifting machines they manufacture.

With the new solution “turnkey” supplied by Sariki, OTIS has a fully automatic system as well as all of the components necessary to be capable of carrying out a 100% automatic process, much faster than the manual one and with a higher level of precision and safety.

Rugosimetro automático Mitutoyo verificando polea de arrastre de ascensores