Vilardell Purtí Group

The Vilardell Purtí Group purchases one MTL300 unit for the self-control of parts.

Tecnology: Vici Vision M series
Sector: Automotive


The Vilardell Purtí Group, Industrial Division, has purchased a VICI unit, MTL 300 EVO model, to be used in production and carry out the self-control of the parts manufactured basically of the automotive sector.

MTL is a high-performance optical measuring machine for turning parts. As well as for inspection, Vilardell Purtí shall also use the Vici manufacturer’s system to make the measurement of parts easier in the course of the homologations and commissionings of the production machines.

This investment shall result for them in reducing the times necessary for the self-control of production and, in addition, shall provide them with a greater reliability in the measurements, as the MTL300 shall enbale them to measure without the operator’s direct intervention. So far, these measurements were performed by means of manual systems: vernier callipers, micrometers, etc. The Vici’s system shall also allow them to automate the data recording of the manufacturing process. To date, each operator recorded these data manually.

The incorporation of the automatic inspection system shall enable the company to reduce the number of scrap parts, be more effective even in small batches and, in general, reduce the costs inherent to the quality control.