Nemak Spain

Nemak Spain, trust Sariki to meet their workshop metrology challenges.

Technologies: Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S, Mitutoyo MACH 3A
Sector: Automotive


Nemak Spain, is a manufacturer of complex aluminum components for the automotive industry. At its plant in Etxebarria (Vizcaya), they are specialized in the manufacturing of components of the transmission family and provide light weighting solutions to the global automotive industry.

The collaboration of Nemak Spain and Sariki Metrology began in 1987, and during all these years we have worked together to overcome the increasingly ambitious challenges in the field of quality.


Production inspection project developed by Sariki (contact measurement, camera with MIN reader and 3D engraving)

During 2017 Nemak Spain acquired a new Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S 9168 CMM for laboratory and a new Mitutoyo MACH-3A CMM for workshop.

The complexity of Nemak’s customer projects is increasing and the company turned to Sariki to integrate new technologies that would enable to meet the demanding requirements of the automotive sector.

In the case of the Crysta Apex S 9168 machine equipped with SP25M probe for continuous measurement, Sariki has developed a system that consists in a double area:

  • Loading clamping and turning zone. Located outside of the measuring machine, it is zone for fixing the part in the fixing tool.
  • Measuring zone. It is the fixing device for fixing the fixing tool, with the part clamped, in the measuring area of the machine.

This structure has guides with rollers (for sliding the fixing tool), and manual side lock. The tire turning system is driven with a button that makes it turn 90º in one direction or another.

In the case of the workshop measuring machine, Sariki proposed to Nemak the implementation of an automatic online measurement station based on the Mitutoyo MACH 3A 653 CMM contact measuring machine, to meet the defined requirements: space, ergonomics, safety, measuring capacity, precision, measurement cycle time, process traceability … etc.

The inspection solution developed by Sariki has a MIN code reading system that identifies the piece to be measured. The operator manually loads the part and after verification of the code, the measurement program starts. If the measurement has been good, an automatic engraving system punctures the OK code on the piece. The operator then displays the inspection results on the screen and records them as traceability data. The operator finishes the process by manually removing the piece.