The Navarre company DISPRE, specialized in the design and manufacture of tooling and control and production tailored made machines, has recently incorporated into its production process a 3D measurement machine Strato Apex 9166 of Mitutoyo, to guarantee the highest level of precision in the components that it manufactures.

Tecnology: Mitutoyo Strato Apex
Sector: Automotive


With the new Strato three-dimensional machine, Dispre has a control medium capable of guaranteeing an accuracy of (0.9 + 0.3 / 100) μm combined with a continuous data capture head SP-25 that will allow it to face the highest level of commitment both in the verification of dimensional dimensions as form.

The relationship between Sariki and Dispre, began at the end of the 80s when Dispre opted for Mitutoyo for a first kit of three-dimensional measuring machine. During all these years the collaboration between both companies has been continued and at the moment of making a qualitative leap in the world of precision, DISPRE has rated the binomial SARIKI – MITUTOYO as the best of the options.

The confidence deposited by DISPRE, reaffirms us in our commitment to a future project based on the compromise of customer satisfaction. We continue to bet on offering the best service related to all aspects of our activity: advice, product quality, precision and training as the keys to a successful relationship.

About Dispre

Company specialized in high precision machining since 1977. They are aimed at multiple sectors (automotive, aeronautics, machine tools, wind power … etc) offering high precision machining, design and manufacture of control tools and verification machinery.