Deutz Spain

Sariki’s high level of service and the ability to engage in projects have been the key to make the Deutz Group acquire eighth Mitutoyo measuring machine for dimensional control of its components .

Tecnology: Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S
Sector: Automotive


A Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S 9106 Coordinate Measuring Machine with SP25 scanning system, is the last system supplied to Deutz Spain. Zafra production plant has the experience in engine manufacturing since 1949, including experience in the manufacture of internal engine components. This has enabled them to become the center of competence for the almost exclusive manufacturing and pre-assembly of all cylinder heads, connecting rods and gears that DEUTZ Group assembly in their diesel engines.

The application of the last CMM focuses on the inspection of rods and support to the metrology laboratory. The area supports both quality manufacturing processes with large machining lines for high demand, to flexible lines optimized for small batch manufacturing and a variety of pieces.

Sariki also manages integrally for all their CMM’s , the maintenance contract both software and hardware. In this service the immediate expert technical support, updates to latest software measurement systems, preventive maintenance, repairs if needed, and calibration management is contemplated.

Fernando M. Martin, responsible for quality at Deutz Spain highlights the high level of service and the ability of Sariki to get involved in projects.


DEUTZ is one of the leading independent manufacturers of diesel engines. They have manufactured engines for over 145 years, whose efficiency and reliability is well-known all over the world.

An essential part of this success lies in the high level of company production on which their engines are based. Mechanizing by chip removal and the assembly of component parts are amongst our key components.