Bavieri Alfeo

Bavieri Alfeo monitors 17 grinders with the Vicivision machine.

Technology: Vici Vision Techno
Sector: Automotive


"Let's say that the optical machine is never idle: with 1 Vici we monitor 17 grinders, we use it all the time."

Increasing capacity with the same number of machines means increased efficiency. It means optimizing your production, just as Bavieri Alfeo Precision Mechanics has done.

Often metrology is not associated with increased productivity, sometimes it is associated with waste. In fact, if you use traditional tools for process control, they are often slow, inaccurate, and subjective. It can take hours to complete inspection requirements and provide USEFUL data to your process.

Using a VICIVISION optical measuring machine is a game changer! Accurate results in seconds and digital data collection.

Operators can see which values are close to the tolerance limit, make adjustments, and analyze the trend over time. VICIVISION provides valuable process data in real-time, allowing you to continue production without producing scrap.

The goal of a VICI machine is not just to measure, but to provide critical feedback to the machinists, thus avoiding costly scrap and downtime. The result is increased capacity with the same number of lathes or grinding while maintaining quality.

Bavieri Alfeo is a company that, for over 50 years, has been specializing in grinding, roll forming, and lapping. With VICIVISION, they have found the ideal supplier for easy, fast and accurate, shop floor controls.