Roughness measurement

The roughness measurement service will allow you to verify the surface condition of your parts (roughness and waviness).

We can verify roughness and waviness levels on any type of surface: flat surfaces, deep grooves, small holes, crankshaft axis, gear flank ... etc.

With our Mitutoyo SJ-500P Roughness tester we have these specifications:

  • Measuring range 50 mm
  • Z axis measuring range: 800 µm
  • Roughness profile
  • Waviness profile
  • Primary profile
  • Evaluation of geometric characteristics
  • Measurement in different standards with all their parameters
  • Dimensional report


Types of services we offer:

  • Specific needs of roughness
  • Advice on roughness
  • Roughness measurement in inaccessible areas using resins, in which we extract the roughness and measure the resin itself.

At Sariki Precision Center we have several qualified technicians to work with this equipment, so we can provide almost immediate service.

If you need advice, call us without obligation at 943848889 or fill out the contact form.


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