2D measurement

Quick Image, is a vision measuring machine (manual or with motorized table) that expands the inspection capability of profile projectors.

With a measuring range of up to 400 x 200mm (5 table sizes) and its wide range of focal depth (150mm), parts with varying thicknesses or with stepped surfaces can be measured easily and without refocusing.

You can fully capture small parts in one view: for automatic, quick and easy measurement.

With practical, repeatable and programmable measurement sequences, Quick Image offers you the best solution for rapid evaluation of 2D parts.

mapvision beneficios

2 models: QI-A and QI-B

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Telecentric system (all focused)

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Large visible area: 32 x 24 mm (QI-A) or 12.8 x 9.6 mm (QI-B)

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See comparisons with CAD data as templates in a defined and calibrated rule

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Bipolar telecentric objective with 0.2X (QI-A) and 0.5X magnification (QI-B)

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Glass scale with a resolution of 0.1 μm

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Table movement with release mechanism to move easily over a large surface

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USB color camera

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Illumination of three standard sources - Table, ring, coaxial

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Real time editing

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Fully programmable magnification and illumination

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Includes macros and SPC data export

Related products and services

With this system you can use different softwares depending on your needs and uses. We will always advise you about the most appropriate complement for your company if you wish. Do not hesitate to ask us.


Precision turned parts, spring, electronics industry, high precision machining, plastic injection, aluminum profile, perforated and folded parts, parts by laser cutting ... etc




Custom solution

We accompany you throughout the life of the project: definition of the project, installation, training, programming, user support, software updates, technical assistance, calibration and maintenance.

Technical specifications

Quick Image A

Accuracy: 5 µm

Repeatibility: 1 µm

Quick Image B

Accuracy: 2,7 µm

Repeatibility: 0,7 µm

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