In process optical measurement

We propose you a non-contact optical inspection solution for camshafts, crankshafts, transmission shafts, turbines, injectors, pistons, CV joints, general revolution parts, screws, nuts and joints, dental and biomedical implants, micromechanics...etc.


Sariki is VICI VISION's official distributior for Spain and Portugal


Technology to measure automatically in production

More and more companies are opting for the automation of dimensional control in production. Manufacturers of turned and ground parts are choosing to replace traditional measuring tools with more efficient machines. On the one hand, because measuring with traditional tools means having a longer process and on the other, because the results are conditioned by the worker.



mapvision beneficios

Reduce dimensional control to a few seconds. The most complex parts are also measured in a few seconds, to the last detail

mapvision beneficios

Measure the parts directly in the workshop without interrupting production

mapvision beneficios

Obtain objective results, not conditioned by the worker. The system issues a measurement report with nominal value, real value and deviation.

mapvision beneficios

Save the data automatically and export it in CSV and DFQ (Q-DAS)

mapvision beneficios

Correct the production parameters thanks to measurement trends when you work with large batches

mapvision beneficios

Reduce rejections significantly

Integral project adapted to your needs

We offer an integral solution, adapted to your needs. The experience tells us that the collaboration with the client is the basis of success in this type of projects and that is the reason why we work jointly from the beginning, to identify which are the principal requirements and suggest the best solution.

We accompany you throughout the life of the project: project definition, installation, training, programming, user support and technical assistance. Sariki is made up of 60 highly specialized people with more than 35 years of experience in the metrology sector.

We accompany you throughout the project life

Get to know our in process optical measurement solutions

VICIVISION prima 306

The optical measuring machine for all turneries


High resolution to measure turned parts directly in the workshop


Designed specifically for micro machined components

Case study

Panelfisa trusts in production metrology to optimize times and improve the quality of its fastening elements.


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