Tubos Reunidos

Tubos Reunidos uses a Solutionix scanner to obtain greater reliability in its measurements.

Technology: Solutionix CS2+ scanner
Sector: Petroleum


Tubos Reunidos is a global leader in specialty niche segments of seamless tubular steel products. With 120 years of history and a presence in more than 100 countries, this company detected the need to implement a system that would allow the extraction of measurements both from the inside of the tubes (the end is damaged by the cut) and from the outside of the tubes.

Through the use of AI and simulation / interaction tools, they have managed to develop a system for the digitalization and automatic analysis of the geometry of the tubes produced that, first, digitizes tube specimens to obtain a detailed digital model of their outer surface and interior, and then analyzes those models to obtain quality parameters.

The Tubispec Project was born from the Lamination Department, due to the need to have greater reliability in the measurements made of the tubes, previously carried out by hand. Digitization of the specimen and obtaining a 3D image of the inner and outer surface of the tube through a geometric analysis.

Sariki supplied the Solutionix CS2 + structured light scanner