Talleres mecánicos M. Echeverria

Talleres Mecánicos M. Echeverría bets on Mitutoyo to guarantee the precision of the profile of its laminate rolling axles.

Tecnology: Mitutoyo CV-3200
Sector: Automotive


Talleres Mecánicos Manuel Echeverría, is a company located in Usurbil with a long experience in the manufacture of parts under plan by using the most advanced machining.

In his production highlights the manufacture of laminate turned parts of big lengths with special profiles for the manufacture of the internal meshing of automobile wheels. The accuracy required by these profiles in terms of depth, shape and step requires the use of a very precise verification system to ensure accuracy in any part of them.

This accuracy can not be guaranteed with portable equipment and therefore, to meet this demanding measurement requirement, Metrología Sariki has collaborated with Talleres Mecánicos Manuel Echeverria to design a load and positioning system that allows to locate the turned part in the Mitutoyo CV-3200 contour measuring range, configuring an imaginative solution that allows you to measure the profiles with a precision of 1.5 microns, satisfying the quality standards set by his customer. This measurement is possible thanks to the fixturing tool that, with a roller displacement system, locates the zone of the axis to be verified in the measuring range of the contour measuring instrument.