Maximum level of detail with CV-3100H4 of Mitutoyo.

Tecnology: Mitutoyo CV-3100H4
Sector: Automotive


Recylan, the company located in Navarre, is a member of the Recyde group and has recently incorporated a contour measurement machine model CV-3100H4 of Mitutoyo for the measurement of geometrical elements of small sizes on machined parts for automotive applications. The contour measurement machine CV-3100H4, due to its mechanical characteristics (25-micron radius at the point) is capable of copying the smallest details of the part for them to be, afterwards, processed in the measuring software.

The contour measurement machine has turned into an essential tool so as to specificy accurately the smallest dimensions of the areas of part incorporating, as the major advantage, the possibility of documenting graphically the results, which is not produced with other type of systems like the contour projectors. In Recylan, the equipment is located at the metrology department but it is ready to provide service for production, where the operators run the programs and measure automatically.