Orkli Cooperative Society

Sariki has developed for Orkli S.Coop. an online inspection solution for automatic component measurement.

Technology: MACH KoGaMe
Sector: Heating components


Orkli S.Coop is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of components for heating, domestic hot water, water heating and appliances.

Its line of faucets - connections of its headquarters in Ordizia (Gipuzkoa) is fully automatic, from raw material to assembly and packaging, where they currently manufacture 12.000 pieces per day.

Sariki has developed an automated online inspection solution to randomly measure parts every 2 minutes. In the line 10 different references are measured and in each reference 25 average dimensions are measured. The average measurement time is 1.5 minutes and the strictest dimension has a tolerance of 0.05mm.

The manipulation of piece is totally automatic, by means of a rotating base and an automatism.

The operator can access the inspection report of all the measured parts at any time.

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