Joarjo keeps its production in tolerance with ViciVision's optical measurement technology.

Tecnology: Vici Vision M series
Sector: Automotive


Based in La puebla de Alfindén (Zaragoza), Joarjo is a family business dedicated to precision machining, precision turning and cutting of aluminum since 1957.

Its activity is mainly focused on the defense, automotive and aeronautics sectors and since 2015 it is investing in optimization systems for production control.

Sariki has offered advice and for four years we have accompanied Joarjo in his metrology challenges: maintaining production in tolerance and reducing rejects.

In their quality department they have already two ViciVision optical measuring machines and a Mitutoyo CV-2100M4 contour measuring system.


The newly purchased M1 optical measuring machine offers high performance features for turned part measuring. Allows control of parts in a few seconds and gets quality certification without extra costs.

Among the available measurements of M1, the following stand out:

  • Diameters (static, dynamic, interrupted, etc.)
  • Lengths (distance between points or other general geometric elements)
  • Angles and Radii
  • Cylindrical and conical threads and nut measurements
  • Geometric measurements (parallelisms and orthogonalities)
  • Shape measurements (circularities ,coaxialities, run-outs, cylindricities)