Indústrias GES

INDUSTRIAS GES automates its inspection process with blue light scanner technology.

Tecnology: Solutionix D500 scanner
Sector: Automotive


Industrias GES, S.A. is a company specialized in the stamping of complex parts for the automotive sector. The products they manufacture incorporate additional welding operations, riveting of components, threads and inserts of other materials. As we know, working for this sector means having to respond to high quality standards.

In recent times, the stamping products manufactured by this company, are becoming increasingly complex. To the usual difficulty of the geometries of the stamped pieces, there is a need to make thickness measurements in areas where it is not reached with conventional equipment. Until the incorporation of Solutionix D500, certain measurements required destructive tests with the consequent wastage of time and materials.

Industrias GES contacted Sariki to analyze possibilities for improvement in the inspection process. From Sariki we proposed a new technology that would allow them to control their pieces in a faster, more intuitive and reaching new measurement capabilities.

Due to its dimensions and tolerances, the new Solutionix D500 scanner is the best option.The equipment allows them to perform a complete inspection of the piece, in significantly shorter times (4-5 minutes per piece), without contact (completely avoiding piece deformation), and with more information than they had up to now (the scanner generates a complete point cloud of the piece with a resolution of 2 x 2Mpx).The system is especially capable in the inspection of first samples and prototypes, where successive measurements are required during the adjustment processes, as well as the advantage of being able to evaluate in a visual way how close to the specification the project is.

With a single click the scanner captures the point cloud, the Geomagic software processes it, performs a comparison against CAD and presents the report of the deviations in color map format. The scanner located in the metrology laboratory is used for the manufacturing control processes, support for the prototype section and evaluation of samples for approval processes.

Sariki completed the training at the GES Industries facilities in Valdeolmos (Madrid). Currently there are 3 operators trained to use the D500 scanner. After a few weeks since the implementation of the system, the expectations created have been widely exceeded and the management of Industrias Ges, S.A. is very satisfied with the investment.