GKN Driveline Legazpi

GKN DRIVELINE LEGAZPI measures complex surfaces in the forged inner rings next to the presses where they are produced with structured light technology.

Tecnology: DS3 scanner
Sector: Automotive


GKN Driveline Legazpi produces high precision forgings for automotive propulsion systems.

The plant produces a workpiece of this type every 3 seconds (14 million/year) and the challenges that were raised were:

  • num1

    Carry out the inspection on foot of the press

  • num2

    Delete specific tools and move to a universal solution for all references

  • num3

    Increase the precision and cadence of the plant inspection

  • num4

    Go from the inspection of certain variables (150 points) to 100% of the geometry (3 million points)

  • num5

    Drastically reduce the set-up time after the reference change

  • num6

    The press operators are the users of the system and act on the basis of the information obtained

  • num7

    Dramatically reduce inspection time (from 17 minutes workpiece to 3,5 minutes)

  • num8

    The solution interacts with the information systems and is part of the traceability of the entire process

  • num9

    Reduction of costs and improvement in the efficiency of the entire process


As a result of a long history of previous collaboration, a project team was created between GKN Driveline Legazpi and SARIKI, which is later joined by the Vicomtech-IK4 technology center.

This strategic cooperation addresses the challenges posed and already in 2014 a first implementation is installed consisting of a scanning equipment and a first version of inspection software (SK/inspect) developed for the project.

From the beginning, the positive impact of the solution led to a total bet on the part of GKN Driveline Legazpi. The project team in 2015 and with the collaboration of SPRI through the Basque Industry 4.0 program completed the development and implementation of it.


Since 2015, the solution has been fully operational and meeting the challenges posed, with a significant impact on the reduction of defective parts, a deeper knowledge of the process that in turn increases the efficiency and productivity of this area.

The implementation of the solution in other plants of the GKN Driveline group in the world has begun and has helped the positioning of the Legazpi plant in the GKN corporation.

The recognition that we today divulge and celebrate is an important milestone that has made possible the opening of even more ambitious projects for the future and that demonstrates the achievements that can be obtained when we work in cooperation between several companies.