Etxe-tar, a leading manufacturer of tailored machining systems has incorporated a Mitutoyo LEGEX 9106 three-dimensional ultra-precision machine, to ensure the highest level of accuracy (0.35 + L/1000) µm in their system acceptance processes.

Tecnology: Mitutoyo LEGEX 9106
Sector: Machine Tool


Etxe-tar is a machine tool manufacturer based in Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa) with over 50 years  of experience, specialized in the implementation of machining systems.

The relationship between Etxe-tar and Metrología Sariki (Mitutoyo) was started over 20 years ago and during this time have built, among others, various three-dimensional machines of different capacities and accuracies to meet their measurement needs.

The sophistication of the market with the increasingly demanding of high accuracy requirements both in dimension and in form has carried Etxe-tar to bet on the highest level of precision. The Mitutoyo LEGEX series with its excellent accuracy in combination with the service provided by Metrología Sariki over the years, has been the proposal that best meet the demanding needs of Etxe-tar.