Centro Español de Metrología

A commitment to form control.

Tecnology: ROUNDTEST RA-H5100 CNC
Sector: Research and Education


The Spanish Metrology Center (CEM), an agency attached to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, is the highest technical estate in the field of metrology in Spain, responsible for maintaining national standards and providing traceability to the industrial fabric, with the competition of accredited calibration laboratories.

As part of an R&D project, the CEM Length Control Area Laboratory has initiated a systematic investigation aimed at improving the traceability to the national pattern of length, of patterns of shape defects, in the determination of roundness, cylindricality, straightness, parallelism and perpendicularity.

With the aim of offering a first level service, the CEM Length Area has promoted the Form Control Laboratory by acquiring a state-of-the-art form defect (MMF) measuring machine, MITUTOYO ROUNDTEST RA-H5100 CNC, possessing very advanced metrological characteristics. With this acquisition, the CEM increases its measurement capacity and updates its service offer, significantly reducing the uncertainties of calibration of shape defect patterns.