We are committed to direct collaboration with the industrial and research environment, relying on innovative technologies and our ability to develop specific solutions for needs not covered in the market.

Our R&D policy focuses on developing innovative solutions to add value to our customers. In this process, Sariki has been participating in different R&D projects since 2009.

The following are the projects in which we are currently participating:


Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)

FUTURALVE: Materials and advanced manufacturing technologies for the new generation of high speed turbines

Leader: ITP

Partners: Metrología SARIKI, Metalúrgica Marina, Mizar Additive Manufacturing, Ona Electroerosión, Renishaw Ibérica

Program/File: CIEN / IDI-20150718

Evolution of materials and manufacturing technologies at the necessary levels to undertake the design, manufacture and validation of the high-speed turbine of a first-generation new motor demonstrator.

Basque Business Development Agency (SPRI)

CODICE+: Flexible and in-line control of components


Partners: Metrología SARIKI, CIE Nova Recyd, EKIN, RPK, Microdeco, TUACON, JOVI Automatismos, Etxe-tar, EKIDE, DOMINION

Program/File: HAZITEK / ZE-2018/00017

Development of an integrated inspection cell for metal components that can be adapted to different types of parts for short series and with high quality requirements

R-COMPOSITES 4.0: (Thermosetting recyclable, reprocessable and repairable composites / 3R) for the industry 4.0


Partners: Metrología SARIKI, Fiber Profil, Loire SAFE, Fibertecnic (Aernnova), Maier, Webpixela, Segula Technologies, Inkoa Sistemas

Program/File: HAZITEK / ZE-2017/00003

Development of materials and technology for recycling, reprocessing and repair of composite materials for the reduction of rejections and waste in the automotive and aeronautical industry. The sustainability of the life cycle of new composite materials for industrial use is sought, in line with the development of the circular economy.

COSMOHS: New turbo over-power driving system for hybrid and super efficient engines


Partners: Metrología SARIKI, Idertia, Análisis y Simulación

Program/File: HAZITEK / ZE-2018/00006

Development of process simulation technologies, product manufacturing and quality inspection of rubber tubes for the optimization of over-feeding systems in high-efficiency internal combustion engines.

ESCALITURB: Competitive technologies for inter-turbine hot structures

Leader: ITP

Partners: Metrología SARIKI, Danobat, Ibarmia, GMTK, WEC, Alfa, PCB

Program/File: HAZITEK / ZE-2016/00004

Development of materials, simulation systems, manufacturing technologies and in-line inspection systems for the new inter-turbine structures with greater thermal capacity for future aeronautical engines.

HARITIVE: Development of a new manufacturing chain for high added value components by means of additive technologies of electric arc waam for validation in demonstrators of high demand industrial sectors.


Partners: Metrología SARIKI, Ona Electroerosión, Lagun Machine Tools, CadTech, Izar Cutting Tools, Grupo TTT, CT

Ingenieros, Amondarain, Vicinay

Program/File: HAZITEK / ZE-2017/00038

Development of WAAM additive manufacturing technology (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) and the entire chain of postprocesses necessary for the manufacture of parts with high structural requirements.

NEWCAUTO: Development of next-generation automotive components and processes


Partners: Metrología SARIKI, Pierburg, Fiasa, Fagor Ederlan, System-on-Chip engineering, Análisis y Simulación

Program/File: HAZITEK / ZE-2017/00022

Development of products and processes for new-generation automotive components by incorporating digitalization and control technologies for the optimization of the supply chain and the improvement of the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) of serial production equipment.

Actions co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (ERDF)


Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa

SK/CELL: High speed online inspection system using structured light

Program/File: Industria 4.0 – Desarrollo de producto / 2018-I40P-000027-01

Development of an integrated online metrological inspection system using a robotic arm and structured light for high cadence and high structural complexity series. Development of a component operation software (robot, scanner, rotary table) integrated in the production line and in the plant's MES system.