Non-destructive tests with micro-tomography

Computed Tomography

The tomography measuring service will allow you to identify defects and verify the geometry of your parts internally and externally using X-ray technology

This technology is suitable when you cannot perform destructive tests and need to verify your parts with high precision.

With our equipment XT H 225-199 Kv we can perform:

  • Acquisition of point clouds both of internal and external parts (visible and hidden)
  • STL and CT generation
  • Dimensional analysis (GD&T)
  • Structural analysis
    • 2D porosity (p201-p202)
    • 3D porosity (volumetric porosity)
  • Reverse engineering
  • X-ray
  • Analysis of internal structures (assembly of parts)

Using advanced analysis software, the presence of pores or internal defects can be detected, as well as the measurement of inaccessible internal dimensional characteristics.

Likewise, it is possible to analyze the behavior and adjustment of assemblies, inspection of complex components of injected plastic, analysis and test of materials.

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In the following videos we will tell you the keys to industrial tomography technology and we will present you some customer work.


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