Technical assistance and calibration

Metrología Sariki is the only accredited distributor of Mitutoyo in Spain. Sariki is the official company that can exclusively provide maintenance and calibration services to our customers statewide.

We are also distributors and offer official technical service of VICI VISION, SOLUTIONIX AND KREON.


We recommend performing annual maintenance and calibration on equipment with continued use.


Technical assistance service

Technical Assistance Service focuses on ensuring the smooth functioning of the installations of different systems supplied and/or managed by Metrología Sariki. In this sense, the activity of the SAT focuses on:

Equipment implementation

Implementation of Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), vision systems, and general measuring equipment.

Preventive/Corrective Maintenance

The tasks of preventive maintenance of the equipment, verification and adjustment of the geometries and other factors influencing the accuracy of the system are contemplated.

Equipment calibration

ENAC Calibration Certificate Emission.


In most cases and, prior telephone diagnosis, assistance is guaranteed within 48 hours of notification.


Retrofit of used CMM

By incorporating updated electronics and updated measurement software, we update the machine's performance to the new measurement technologies.

It is possible to update any CMM, be it arm or bridge structure, manual or CNC, and of all manufacturers. The Retrofit is an economical and effective response to the increasingly demanding measurement and verification needs.

It is an economical and effective response to measurement and verification needs

Retrofit Advantages

  • Upgrading your old measuring machine to the current measuring software..
  • A lower investment in relation to the purchase of a new machine..
  • Possibility of performing maintenance contracts for both software and hardware..
  • Your machine always ready with the Technical Assistance Service of Sariki..

ENAC calibration

The certificate of calibration of three-dimensional machines is carried out through the company Sarikal calibración, belonging to the Unceta Group, accredited since 2001 (Accreditation No. 106 / LC10.153) for performing calibrations in the dimensional area according to criteria set out in the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.

Labmetro laboratorio de metrología, is specialized in the metrological activities of permanent calibration, testing and metrological control, especially In-Situ. Within its wide variety of service, it offers instrumentation calibrations, standards and in-situ calibration of:

  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • Image processing machines
  • Profile projectors
  • Vertical Meters
  • Flatness tables
  • Etc.