Manual 3D measurement

We propose you 2 universal inspection solutions to verify parts of the automotive sector, aeronautics, health, equipment, machine tools, consumption ... etc.

These technologies are suitable for dimensional inspection of machined parts, stamping, plastic / aluminum injection, turbine blades, gears, molds and dies ... etc.


Sariki is MITUTOYO's and KREON's official distributor for Spain


Universal technology to guarantee the quality of your components

The coordinate measurement technology allows the assurance of the quality of your parts in a precise, flexible way and at high speed.

The three-dimensional bridge type machines offer high accuracy machine specifications thanks to the materials of low percentage of expansion and high resistance used in their construction. This technology also guarantees independent results of the best or worst skill of each operator.

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The ideal solution for cost and performance conscious users

Technology that allows more portability and flexibility in your quality control

With the portable measuring arm you can work in various environments. A room with temperature control is not required. You can go to the line where the part is manufactured directly with the measuring arm and increase the productivity of your quality control process.

You can measure on demand, without having to program a specific routine first.

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Increase the quality of production

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Control and optimize your process effectively

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Obtain useful data to improve the geometry quality from day one

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Measure geometric entities and know the deviations of parts with simple or complex form

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Improve the statistical treatment of the results

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Solve problems by having a true knowledge of where the origin is

Integral project adapted to your needs

We offer an integral solution, adapted to your needs. The experience tells us that the collaboration with the client is the basis of success in this type of projects and that is the reason why we work jointly from the beginning, to identify which are the principal requirements and suggest the best solution.

We accompany you throughout the life of the project: project definition, installation, training, programming, user support and technical assistance. Sariki is made up of 60 highly specialized people with more than 35 years of experience in the metrology sector.

We accompany you throughout the project life

Get to know our Manual 3D measurement solutions


Crysta Plus M allows the quality assurance of your parts in a precise and flexible way at low cost

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Kreon measuring arms are designed to offer you portability and flexibility in your measuring tasks

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